What makes us different? Each and everyone of our unique tours are customized to meet each group and VIP's individual needs and requirements. We take great pride in the amount of time and research that goes into the planning of our tour itineraries. We naturally take you to the most famous and important cities, but we also plan our itineraries to allow you time to visit points of interest along the way.

We want your group or VIP clients to relax and enjoy their tour, and too much traveling is counterproductive. Compare our itineraries of 2 and 3 night stops to other tours which are on the move daily. These longer stays provide a more relaxing tour. Furthermore, a day's program is often devoted to a specific theme or arranged in chronological or sequential order to make learning easier.

All Custom Euro Tours group and VIP tours are custom designed to meet and exceed expectations. We are here to help. Give us a call at 470-238-3901 (Buford, GA), or email us today.


A native Scotsman, Dennis spent seven years in the British Army where his travels inspired his career in tourism. After an honorable discharge in 1972, he spent two decades in Germany learning the tour business from the ground up.

He began as a tour bus driver, then studied tourism and became a registered member of the IATM. Dennis was a freelance tour operator working for prominent European tour companies and was subsequently hired by one to be its operations manager overseeing special groups.

In 1989, Dennis started Custom Euro Tours, conducting tours to the US for one of the largest British tour companies in the UK. Dennis lives in Georgia with his wife, Cheryl (a web and graphic designer for 20 years) who helps Dennis run the busy business. Dennis is a WWII historian and specializes in custom WW II group tours for Americans wanting to visit the battlefields of Europe. World War II Tours of Europe is a subsidiary of Custom Euro Tours.

Current Open Tour
We currently have 4 available spaces left on our WWII European Battlefield Tour. This tour comprises France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany and runs September 12th - 23rd 2017. For your comfort, we do not fill our luxury coaches to capacity. You will also receive a FREE " Special Edition Tee Shirt with each booking! Click here for more information.


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